Midnight Sun bands specialize in weddings.

We understand that the music entertainment is such a key element to the success of your special day. With a level of experience and professionalism unmatched for this type of occasion, Midnight Sun strives to bring you the highest quality, most versatile bands, DJs, and production money can buy.

The Midnight Sun team and bands take pride in supreme customer service. This is such an important aspect when dealing with an entertainment company throughout your wedding process. Colette Pastore, founder of Pastore Events LLC is a certified wedding planner working in the Midnight Sun offices. She has years of experience collaborating hand in hand with brides, grooms, and parents on all the intricate details related to personal wedding needs. Colette and our whole team will put your mind at ease by handing the entire entertainment process from start to finish. This will allow you to focus on everything else needed to make your day truly special.

At Midnight Sun, we’re always here to help! You can be certain that a Midnight Sun band at your wedding will ensure an impressive, stress-free, and uniquely memorable entertainment experience.

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